Bank Muscat’s asset management division marks RO1bn milestone

February 06, 2019

Bank Muscat’s private equity and asset management division (PEAM) marked a major milestone of crossing RO1bn assets under management (AUM). The division celebrated the achievement at a function attended by Sheikh Waleed al Hashar, chief executive officer, and Abdullah al Hinai, chief wholesale banking and strategic growth officer, according to a press release issued by Bank Muscat.

Hinai said, “Bank Muscat Asset Management is proud to achieve the RO1bn AUM milestone and we are grateful to all our investors for their support in realising this milestone. The achievement further strengthens PEAM’s position as the largest asset manager in Oman and among the top asset managers in the region. We have introduced a number of products with innovative features and continue to listen to our investor’s needs. For us, our investors always come first and we are committed to helping them achieve their investment goals.”

Bank Muscat’s PEAM division takes pride in its ability to offer its clients a wide array of structured products, hedge funds and private equity funds. PEAM has expertise in managing fixed income, public equities and private equity across Oman, GCC, India and developed markets of the US and Europe. The bank offers a wide suite of products to suit requirements of large institutional investors such as pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, global funds, high net worth individuals, corporations and other entities.

Bank Muscat is the only institution in Oman to offer money market fund, international bond funds, subordinated debt fund, public equity funds, private equity funds, structured products and REIT styled real estate funds all under one roof.