National workshop discusses e-commerce

September 09, 2019

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Information Technology Authority and Oman Global Logistics Group (ASYAD) in cooperation with the World Trade Organization (WTO) organised a national workshop on e-commerce on Sunday at the ASYAD headquarters with the participation of representatives from government and private entities.

According to a press release, the workshop focused on the most recent trends in global e-commerce along with technologies used in it. The workshop also introduced the WTO work programme on e-commerce and the most important WTO agreements and their links to e-commerce.

The workshop included 3 papers. The first was on the current developments in e-commerce around the world, market trends and business models, in addition to the knowledge economy and digital developments and their implications on e-commerce.

The second paper discussed the work programme of the WTO in e-commerce and the most important ministerial decisions in this regard.

Dr Ali al Shaidhani, VP, Technology of ASYAD Group, presented a paper on the most important national policies, strategies, laws and units adopted or plan to be adopted by the sultanate in order to regulate and develop e-commerce fields to cope with the rapid developments and changes in the economy and trade at the national and international levels.

In addition, he introduced the most important initiatives and projects related to the development of e-commerce through the enhancement of infrastructure and means of ICT and various services aimed at facilitating e-commerce including the establishment and development of online shopping networks and platforms and digital services.

The workshop emphasised the need for developing citizens’ e-commerce skills through awareness and training programmes and across educational curricula in schools, institutes and universities.