OOCEP achieves 10mn man-hours without lost time injury

February 04, 2019

Oman Oil Company Exploration and Production (OOCEP) announced its achievement of 10mn man-hours without any lost time injury (LTI) across all operating assets.

The milestone illustrates OOCEP’s strong commitment towards establishing a culture of safety, which is embraced by its entire staff and contractors to drive operational excellence. The new record extends to over 800 days without LTI to any of its personnel including contractor staff and indicates the company’s continuing vigorous attention to the safety and health of employees and contractors.

“This is indeed a major milestone which is exemplary to other companies of Oman Oil Company group. Achieving such a great milestone is quite inspiring to all of us in such a challenging sector. The company is underscoring the value of safety in the oil and gas industry. This has come as a result of teamwork in promoting a culture of vigilance for safety in everyone including our contractors and partners,” said Nasser al Yaarubi, senior manager of resilience at OOCEP.