Oman Aviation Group enables national economic diversification

February 12, 2019

Established in 2018 to develop the sultanate’s aviation sector, Oman Aviation Group is playing a critical role in advancing the economy, tapping into an industry valued at US$821bn globally last year.

In one year alone, Oman Aviation Group created more than 980 direct Omani jobs and contributed to supporting nearly 8,000 indirect jobs within the sultanate. These jobs support an industry that saw more than 1.3mn additional passengers and 215,000 tons more air cargo travel through Muscat alone.

In addition, more than RO100mn in economic efficiencies were directly enabled and delivered with the implementation of various initiatives including Oman Air’s transformation strategy. The company has made significant strides towards its 2030 goals, exceeding many targets including the ranking of Muscat International Airport as one of the top 18 airports around the world.

Oman Aviation Group enables national economic diversification

Mustafa al Hinai, CEO of Oman Aviation Group said, “As Oman’s aviation sector developer, we create a robust value chain linking aviation, tourism and logistics across Oman. Our group is a catalyst for growth, creating efficiencies, boosting revenues and increasing trade. We work to position Oman as a strategic hub and a world-class destination amongst international travellers. Ultimately, we are tasked with furthering economic expansion and unlocking the connectivity potential within the sector including the 40mn passengers and RO890mn GDP contribution that is expected to flow through Oman by 2030.”

Oman Aviation Group continues to contribute to the growth of Oman’s transportation sector through a variety of avenues including the spectacular opening of the new Muscat and Duqm airports and two new air cargo terminals. The organisation is maintaining a steadfast focus on bringing together airlines, airports and aviation services, positioning itself to become a leader with an integrated aviation sector across the MENA region.

Oman Aviation Group facilitates other sectors through an ecosystem of services and as a result continues to make a significant contribution by effectively and efficiently conducting and managing government investments in infrastructures and services across the civil aviation sector. At the same time, it is also developing Oman as a hub for businesses and logistics through its global transportation network, in addition to positioning the country itself as a world-class destination for travellers from across the globe.

The group has partnered with tourism and logistics businesses around the country to drive holistic development of the sultanate’s tourism and transport industries.