Restructuring of water sector to be completed before year end

May 30, 2019

As part of the government’s efforts to make Oman’s water and wastewater sector more efficient and competitive, Nama Holding is aiming to complete the restructuring of the country’s water sector by the end of this year.

Nama Holding said it is spearheading the execution of a 20-month long detailed design and implementation phase for water sector restructuring, which was initiated in April 2018 and moving forward as planned.

“Nama Holding continues to work closely with the Public Authority for Water (Diam) to achieve the government’s initiative to restructure the water sector,” Eng Omar bin Khalfan al Wahaibi, chief executive officer of Nama Group recently said while addressing Nama Group’s annual media briefing.

Once the restructuring process is completed, the structure of Oman’s water sector will almost be similar to the country’s electricity sector, which was restructured around 2004, Wahaibi said.

The entire water sector restructuring process is divided into three stages. The first stage, which includes planning for the process, was initiated in June last year. In the second stage, the recommendations from the first stage would be studied and adopted. And in the third stage, which will be completed in December 2019, these recommendations would be implemented.

Wahaibi said the primary objective of the water sector restructuring is to enhance the efficiency of the whole setup and expand services to the areas, which are currently not served by any other government entity.

“Nama Holding is managing this project (restructuring) on behalf of various stakeholders related to the project. As a result of this exercise, the plan is to create three companies that will operate in water and wastewater services. This will be combined with the introduction of a regulator and a policymaker for the sector,” he added.

The water sector restructuring plan is based on recommendations from Diam and has been approved by the government’s Water Sector Restructuring Steering Committee.