Symtech Solar MENA to assist in harvesting clean energy in Oman

March 27, 2017

A newly established company Symtech Solar MENA has been appointed as the exclusive distributor and installer for Symtech Solar Group in Oman and the MENA region. 

Symtech Solar MENA will support and install the complete range of Symtech Solar PV systems from their Ghalah industrial estate base, according to a press release.

Symtech Solar is an American renewable energy company that designs, produces and delivers the world’s most complete and cost effective photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions for commercial, residential and off-grid solar energy.

“We are delighted to be working with Symtech MENA as our partner in Oman and the Middle East” Symtech Solar Group’s co-founder Geof Moser said.

“We believe that increasing energy costs and the need to protect the environment will assist in the increased lead to a fast uptake of solar energy in the Middle East. Oman has more annual hours of sun than practically any other country in the world, a level of solar density that is amongst the highest in the world and Symtech Solar products are ideally suited to perform in the Middle East climate,” he said.

Symtech Solar provides commercial on-grid systems for homes, factories, offices, shopping centres, hospitals and schools as well as hybrid battery and off-grid systems to provide solar power where bringing electricity from the grid is too expensive or difficult.

“Coupled with our solar powered water pumps for agricultural irrigation, solar car ports and solar street lighting for highways, we believe that Symtech and Oman Speedy International will provide a one stop solution for clients,” Moser added.

Symtech Solar MENA has been successful in winning its first contract to install solar power to the Outward Bound Desert Centre project located in Wahiba sands. The project is the first standalone solar powered project in Oman and will be completed by June this year.


Said al Hashimi, chairman of Symtech Solar MENA, said the company’s aim is to provide leading solar energy solutions by offering install-ready PV System packages that can be shipped throughout the world. He said, “As pioneers in the manufacturing of PV system kits and solar energy solutions, Symtech Solar are committed to innovation by providing easy to use renewable energy products.”

“Symtech Solar’s added value is created by offering pre-engineered solar energy systems that reduce the time and money required in the design, purchasing, and logistics of solar energy systems. Symtech’s specialised kit packaging allows our clients to safely and efficiently receive a complete turnkey, ready to install, PV system,” Hashimi added.

Ken Paton CEO of Symtech MENA, said “Our company will take the lead in providing renewable energy solutions to our clients aimed at reducing their energy costs and protecting the environment of Oman.

“We understand that shortly the Authority for Electricity

Regulation will allow users of renewable energy to transfer surpluses back to the grid. This will make the choice to move to solar energy even more attractive.”