Buthaina-al Hinai
    Buthaina  al Hinai

    Young Oman

    Buthaina al Hinai, an undergraduate at the College of Commerce and Economics, Sultan Qaboos University, is passionate about human and social behaviour. Her interests revolve around photography, graphic design, sociology and psychology.

Women’s Day
    October 30, 2010

This year and for the first time, we celebrate Omani Women’s Day. Mothers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, students - Omani women have done it all. And with all of that, they definitely deserve a day of their own.

Plan to plan
    September 18, 2010

Three tests a day, two assignments due soon and a group project to work on – we have all been there – too much to do, too little time. We struggle to get work done and the pressure builds up gradually, sometimes even suddenly.

Social Proof
    August 28, 2010

This fortnight, I come to you with a thought that was provoked by a book, Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive, a known Hadeeth in Islam, and how some people behave in everyday life.

Media: the Downside
    August 14, 2010

The time we spend watching TV, reading newspaper, and listening to radio - was viewed as benign and harmless. In fact, many people thought it’s a great way to stay updated and catch up with the rest of the world.

Family bonds and culture
    July 31, 2010

We grow up with them, share the best and worse of moments and know them much better than we think we do. They are the people we can be ourselves with – our families.