Homaira  Kabir

    Life is a highway

    Muscat resident Homaira Kabir writes about her thoughts and everyday experiences.

Poolside Saga
    March 23, 2011

We were at the poolside a couple of weeks back when we got to witness a strange feud. A lady stepped out of the pool, marched up to the little family sitting on two chaise lounges and demanded that they vacate since those belonged to her.

Birthday parties from Hell
    February 9, 2011

When our twins were born, we marvelled at the coincidence of them arriving just a day after their older sister, a full five years later.

The joy of reading
    January 17, 2011

There certainly have been times in all of our lives when we have been so sucked in by a book that we simply cannot put it down. All this is fine when the book is an engrossing bestseller. It is embarrassing when it is a ten-page hard book, (and I mean every page is hard), called Rabbit Bites His Tail.

Dolphin watching
    October 27, 2010

After two years of planning, I finally managed to take the kids dolphin watching.

Entry denied
    October 13, 2010

Saturdays is cooking day in my kindergartner‘s class. Parents sign up to spend an hour or so introducing the kids to the delights of the culinary world, encouraging them to experiment with tastes and textures and teaching them to make wiser food choices.