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    Trivial Travails

    Mahesh has been in Oman for almost 25 years. He worked with the State Bank of India group, Banque Indo Suez, BankMuscat and Merrill Lynch before starting Trinity Investments. Why Trinity? Apparently because of the three women in his life... his wife and two daughters! You can contact him at

Hawking meets Einstein
    March 20, 2018

I told you so…I would be back on the consecutive Wednesday instead of the alternate, but some of you wouldn’t believe it! So here I am…but if you promise to behave yourself, then I just might consider not subjecting you to the weekly dose of the TT!

Beware the Pi-Day
    March 13, 2018

And I am baaaacccck after a month long hiatus - to those who had done the secret dance around the pentagram chanting GR2BR (good riddance to bad rubbish) when the TT had not appeared on the alternate Wednesday, there is some bad news and some really bad news. 

Happy Valentine’s Day
    February 13, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who are Valentining today and are giving away those Saint Valentine’s Keys as an invitation to unlock your hearts. May your tribe increase, which it shall, if you do today what you are expected to go on and add to the ringing of the cash registers of the greeting cards shops and the Godiva and Patchi outlets (oh ok at the Mars and Galaxy and KitKat ones too) and go ahead and stand in the queue in front of the bakeries, florists and pharmacists!

Down Memory Lane
    January 31, 2018

Hello from Camp Bangalore...oh ok, Bengaluru to keep the purists happy, though the air seemed purer and the city less congested in what was originally Bangalore and the local residents or Kannadigas, as they are called, probably did not need to debate the “can I dig a” pothole or not? Thankfully the so-called guardians, who have over time changed the old order and made Madras to Chennai, Calcutta to Kolkata, Bangalore to Bengaluru and Bombay to Mumbai and it’s Victoria Terminus to Chattrapati Sivaji Terminus etc etc decided to let London and the Buckingham Palace go scot-free (or maybe Indifree?) otherwise they could also have been renamed as Firangdon and Bankimhum Niwas!

It’s T-5
    January 16, 2018

It’s T-5 with T representing Time, the magic number two hundred and the not so magical TT. Hence, this one is five short of that magic number and the 200th TT will thus coincidentally coincide with the other magic number 0404, or for the uninitiated, the fourth day of the fourth month, when yours faithfully will turn a 100 or thereabouts - the key word being thereabouts or thereabout thereabouts! So watch out for TT-200 on April 4 unless of course, the mighty All Fools Day decides to ruin the party and TT199 becomes the swan song!