Mohana  Prabhakar

    CEO, Apex Press and Publishing

The Daily Mood: Women cry. So do men
    March 29, 2016

Someone I met recently at a wedding said, “So how did you celebrate International Women’s Day?” After blanking out completely, I think I replied with an extremely embarrassing ‘everyday is women’s day’ sort of line.

Tony Blair was in our neck of the woods recently, addressing a conference in Dubai where he said: “The answer to someone who is unemployed in a country like mine or anywhere else in Europe, is not to blame migrants for having taken your job, is to get the education and the skills necessary in order to be able to operate in the modern world.”

I almost felt I was British last week. All I did, all week, as you probably did, was talk about the weather: Strange weather we are having, looks like it’s going to rain, do you have rain at your end, I think it’ll clear up soon, I think we’ll have rain till next week, and so on.

The Daily Mood: In the beginning
    March 9, 2016

This is a column that has only been in the making for a little over six years. It would be wrong to say that it has been baking, fermenting or even slow cooking all this time.