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    Riyadh  Abdul Aziz


    Riyadh Abdul Aziz is a blogger interested in the relationship between the web and society who works as a legal researcher for the government of Oman. He is interested in technology, intellectual property, and law. You can e-mail Riyadh at riyadh.aziz@apexmedia.co.om

Dismissed for Facebook Post
    August 6, 2018

A senior Omani academic at a private university in Oman claimed on social media that his contract with the university was not renewed for another year because of a post he wrote on Facebook criticising the failure of the university to pay its staff on time.

Oman has had plans to issue a data protection law for many years now, but the law remains a draft without a clear indication of when it will be promulgated.

The collage artwork of Greek artist Kostis Grivakis has taken the Omani Internet by storm, but unfortunately the legality of his artwork is questionable under Omani copyright law.

Earlier this year, the UAE National Media Council issued regulations that require social media influencers and website owners to acquire a licence if they use their online activities in a commercial manner.

Omani Open Data for Transparency
    June 10, 2018

The Omani government is putting more effort into its open data initiatives, and we now have some interesting use cases that are worthy of highlighting in this field.