Riyadh-Abdul Aziz
    Riyadh  Abdul Aziz


    Riyadh Abdul Aziz is a blogger interested in the relationship between the web and society who works as a legal researcher for the government of Oman. He is interested in technology, intellectual property, and law. You can e-mail Riyadh at riyadh.aziz@apexmedia.co.om

Online Shopping with Oman Post
    December 11, 2017

Oman Post has launched a new service that allows customers in Oman to purchase goods from online stores that usually only deliver to the US. One of the biggest limitations of online shopping in Oman is that many international online stores do not deliver to Oman, and a few of the ones that do deliver to Oman charge extortionate fees to ship the smallest of items to our undiscovered country.

Copyright and infringement
    November 28, 2017

There is a very interesting trend in Oman of making money on Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other similar social networks.

Copyright violations on ResearchGate
    October 16, 2017

ResearchCopyright violations on ResearchGateGate, one of the most popular websites for sharing academic papers, is facing legal action instigated by scientific publishers claiming that the website is hosting copyright infringing material and demanding that ResearchGate removes about 7,000,000 papers from its servers.

Amassing likes vs acting responsibly
    September 18, 2017

An Omani social media celebrity made the headlines very recently after being fined by Royal Oman Police after posting on Snapchat a video of herself driving at a speed exceeding 200km/hr.

The Shutdown of OTAXI
    September 10, 2017

Late last month, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) ordered OTaxi, an Omani mobile app for ordering taxis, to shut down its services claiming that the app violates the Land Transportation Law and that OTaxi can only operate after acquiring a licence from the ministry.