Omani biker to visit Africa to mark Renaissance Day

July 31, 2017

Omani biker Maher al Barwani will begin a road trip to the African continent on Sunday coinciding with the Renaissance Day celebrations. This trip will take him to 46 countries. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, he said, “I will be the first Omani to travel the length and breadth of the African continent on a bike.I will begin the journey on Sunday [July 23] which is a very popular day in our country. I plan to cover the entire continent over a span of four months. Like my previous trips, this one too will be a solo journey. It is always a bit risky to travel alone but I remain positive. I can fall back on my earlier such experiences.

The aim is basically to be a messenger of Oman’s history, culture, beauty and life.” Barwani has travelled to many parts of the world on his bike including the North Africa and European countries.


Barwani will leave on this long journey equipped with a tool box, a first-aid box, a fire extinguisher, extra tyres, medicines, a GPS system and a camera. He will update about the journey on his social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.