Project of loyalty and belonging on occasion of 47th National Day

August 15, 2017

Dr Omar bin Hilal al Mamari, owner of Guinness World Records title and president of Muscat Motorcycle Club, is preparing for the journey of the 47th National Day; he will cover 5,000km on his motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja 1400hp during a period of 18 days carrying the Omani flag, amid local and international rebounds for the owner of the title of the Guinness World Records.

During the journey, he will deliver lectures about the safety of the riders entitled 'Safe Motorcycle Driving', which aims to raise the awareness of motorcycle and vehicle drivers on how to deal correctly with this means of transport, in addition to lectures about loyalty and belonging in each state.

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The Omani cyclist, during his tour in the provinces, will be accompanied by a number of teams and clubs with cars and bikes, which will be conducted in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Sports Affairs and the National Youth Commission. At the same time, a documentary film on the journey will be produced. The march includes the most important heritage, tourist, cultural and industrial sites in every state. Starting from Muscat on November 1, he will travel through Duqm, Salalah, Haima, Nizwa, Ibri, Rustaq, Shinas, Sohar, Barka, Ibra, Sur and Quriyat to be back to Muscat on November 18.

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Journey Details

The journey depends on a strategic plan that includes a visit of tourist attractions, heritage, industrial and agricultural sites in each state. The journey will begin with a tutorial on the basic needs of motorcycle driving in Muscat. There will also be a visit to Al Jalali Fort, Al Mirani Fort and Bait al Zubair as heritage monuments and Al Alam Palace, Royal Opera House Muscat and the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque as tourism landmarks. In addition, the commercial and industrial parameters that will be visited in Muscat are Muscat International Airport and the industrial places in Ma'abela, Ghala and Mina al Fahal. The second lesson will include 'the general idea of the educational series', which will be in Amerat, Quriyat and Muttrah, during which he will visit the Bait al Baranda and Muttrah Souq as heritage sites. Among the landmarks the journey will pass through are Wadi Kabir Industrial Estate and Port Sultan Qaboos.

The third educational lesson will be Motorcycle Types; it will be in Sohar and Shinas. The heritage sites that will be visited are Sohar Fort and Shinas Fort. The tourist attractions are the Silver Jubilee Park, Sohar and the agricultural landmarks such as Wadi al Jiz. The fourth lesson will be The Advantages of Motorcycle Types in Saham, Khabourah and Suwaiq, during which the fort of the market and Nagham Fort will be visited. Further, tourist attractions which include Khuzam Cave; the industrial and commercial landmarks in that stop will be 'market Suwaiq', monuments of industrial and commercial importance will be Alhawwasnh Valley and Falaj al Wadi Bani Omar Fulaij. The fifth lesson will be Risk Management for Motorbike Driving, which will be held in Nakhal, Awabi and Wadi al Ma’awel. In the sixth lesson, how to prepare for riding the motorcycle in Musannah, Barka and Rustaq will be discussed.

On the seventh day, the motorcycle mode will be discussed in Nizwa, Samail and Bidbid. In the eighth lesson, the state of the cyclist and its impact on driving wil be discussed. The ninth lecture will comprise a talk on Safety and Safety of Motorcycle Driving in Al Hamra and Bahla. Lesson ten will be about Clothing and Motorcycle Helmets in Ibri and Yanqul and Dhank. The eleventh lesson will be on the general examination of motorcycles in Buraimi, Mahdah and Sininah. In the twelfth lesson, the basic principles of riding motorcycles will be spoken about in Ibra, Dibba and Bidiyah.

The thirteenth lesson will discuss the status of the correct riding of motorbikes in Wadi Bani Khalid, Dima Wa al Taien and Al Qabel. The fourteenth lesson will focus on riding angles in Jalaan Bani Bu Ali, Jalaan Bani Bu Hassan, Al Kamil W'Al Wafi. The fifteenth lesson will include lectures on safety tools and the GPS system. In the sixteenth lesson, the general strategies for motorcycle use will be discussed in Masirah. On the penultimate day, the seventeenth lesson will discuss the impact of the psychological and physical situation on the leader bicycle and taxi drivers and vehicles in Haima and Duqm and Mahout. Finally, on the eighteenth day, the lectures will discuss other vehicles and how to deal with them while driving in Salalah and Taqah.

Dr Mamari said, “Every year, we confirm that the journey has a superior goal which is uniting young people's efforts in order to make a national march to congratulate His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and to promote this event in the global media, which would have a good effect in highlighting the Omani society as united under the leadership of His Majesty the Sultan. It is an example of love and peace among the people of this society. The total distance in this journey is 5,000km in 18 days, during which we will go through many diverse tourist, heritage and industrial sites to highlight that we have reached the civilisation.”

For the participation of riders from outside the sultanate, Dr Mamari said, “We invite everyone to participate in this event without exception, whether it is a motorcycle club, car groups or even cars and bicycles owners in the mentioned states, provided that their names and motorcycle and car numbers are recorded in advance and that their cars and motorcycles are insured so that we can provide them to the organisers.”

Regarding the cooperation with the second teams such as Muscat Bikers and Nizwa Bikers, Dr Mamari said “They are involved with us and we are coordinating with the Muscat Riders to participate. This is a national duty and not a monopoly.”

Dr Mamari, the first Omani to have the Guinness World Record title, added, “The journey is really a gesture of congratulations to His Majesty the Sultan. It embodies a vivid example of the love of the people of this country and their loyalty to His Majesty the Sultan.

While the people of many countries are preoccupied with other things, the Omani youth are painting on the land, mountains and plains of our beloved country.”

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Guinness World Records

The Omani cyclist entered the Guinness World Records through three attempts. In 2008, Dr Mamari covered the distance of 4,620km in 72 hours. He faced a strong dust storm at the time, forcing him to drive the bike in an italic angle in one direction for more than 100km, in the area between Qarn al Alam and Haima and continued to lead for three days in a row in the storm. Guinness World Records did not agree to include this achievement as he was required to break the previous world record, without breaking the time period registered in the name of US' Eduardo Schaffner which is 1,506km within 24 hours.

At the beginning of 2009, Dr Mamari returned and covered a distance of 2,062km in 24 hours. With a temperature 50 degrees and wearing a protective leather outfit, helmets and gloves for 24 consecutive hours in the summer heat, he made a new record in World

Records Academy but could not afford the inclusion in the Guinness World Records at that time. The contribution of sponsors then did not exceed 10 per cent of the amount paid by Dr Mamari.

In 2009, in conjunction with celebrations of the glorious Renaissance Day and with the support of H E Sayyid Badr bin Saud bin Harib al Busaidi, Minister Responsible for Defence and the sponsorship of the management of Salalah Tourism Festival and LNG company on August 19, 2009, the world champion succeeded in breaking the world record number and recorded a new world record of 2,127km within 24 hours. Subsequently began the process of documentation and registration procedures in Guinness World Records and after several months of the global achievement, through the various documentation committees, the new world record was listed on January 19, 2010.

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