Steeped in History

July 17, 2019

The village of Al Yaman in Izki, Governorate of Dakhliyah, is one of the oldest in the wilayat. Named after the Yemenis who lived there, it is located near the village of Nazar at the centre of the wilayat. Besides scenic beauty, Al Yaman and several of its nearby locations are steeped in history. 

Al Yaman is home to several archaeological sites, the most important of which is the Old Al Yaman neighbourhood. This particular site is a model of military architecture. Surrounded by a high wall with three observation towers and four main gates, it includes a mosque and five sablas - Sablat al Aali, Sablat al Gharabiya, Sablat al Sharqiya, Sablat al Junubiya and Sablat al Sabah. The site has hundreds of houses decorated with beautiful colours and ancient writings.

Old Al Yaman’s characteristic features include military entrenchments and high walls on all sides providing its residents security and stability. The surrounding wall stretches over 600m, standing 5m tall at its highest point, and is built of mud and stones. It has an upper passageway to facilitate the movement of soldiers for observation and defending the encampment. The wall is connected to three defensive towers - the Northeast Tower, Northwest Tower and the South East Tower, the latter being the biggest among the three. The encampment, which has four gates, is self-contained and also has a well, called Tawi al Burj.


There are four other wells located in this historical neighbourhood - Me'wa, Al Burj, Al Jami and the fourth situated inside a house. The neighbourhood has shops and a network of roads connecting the main gate – called Bab al Sabah – to the eastern and western sides. Every part of the neighbourhood is well connected with arterial roads spread out in all directions.

Al Yaman has a number of mosques, most notably the old Izki Mosque, which is located inside the Old Al Yaman neighbourhood.

Besides wells, Al Yaman also has aflaj – the ancient irrigation system - the most prominent of which is the Al Malki Falaj, which is shared by the residents of the village of Nazar. Other noteworthy aflaj in the area are Falaj al Mahdooth, Falaj al Alam and Falaj Mesafia.

The beauty of Al Yaman village has inspired many poets of yore. Several scholars, intellectuals and poets of note of the Second, Third and Fourth centuries of the Hijra calendar hailed from Al Yaman.

The wilayat of Izki in the Governorate of Dakhliyah, like other wilayats of the sultanate, has a long history and is endowed with heritage and historical features like fortresses, towers, castles and aflaj built through the centuries.