‘The truth will transform you’

April 01, 2019

(V K Shafeer/Muscat Daily)

Two years ago Laith Mubarak al Abdul Salam was pursuing a psychology programme in a Muscat college when he finally mustered the courage to ask his lecturer a question that had been nagging him for many years. What if he was able to sense and feel a person’s pain and troubles even without that person telling him about it? “When you go to a psychologist, you need to talk to them over one or many sessions in order to let them understand your problem. If you don’t want to talk, or are too troubled to talk, will a psychologist still be able to help? What if I am able to feel a person’s pain without him or her telling me that?”

Abdul Salam’s question stumped his lecturer who declared outright that that was preposterous, prompting him to quit the four-year psychology programme. He had already put in close to two years in the course. “I am able to feel a person’s pain without them telling me so. A healer has the compassion to feel others’ pain,” he says. His lecturer’s response helped Abdul Salam realise he was in the wrong place. He decided to set up a website instead to connect with people who need help.

infinitilaith.com claims to “nourish the mind, body and the soul” and has a section of testimonials from clients from as afar as Australia, South Africa, UK and the USA, besides Oman. Heartfelt and sincere, his clients appear to be thankful for Abdul Salam’s ability to connect with their soul and for sharing his gift by healing them. He claims – and his clients vouch for it - he can connect and heal through video chats, a photo and incredibly enough, just a name.

For Abdul Salam, it all started even before he knew it. “If you feel someone’s sadness and you want to cry with them, you should know that you have a  gift. Initially I just ignored the signs because it scared me.” But a sequence of events in his life turned things around. Near death experiences not once but twice, including one in which he was hit by a drunk driver as he was changing a flat tyre that has rendered his right hand useless, left him depressed. The circumstances compelled him to abandon business studies programmes – once in Malaysia and then Canada, the second time around. 

“Slowly I started to unfold to the unknown. I then realised that the unreal world is the real world and the unseen can be seen,” he said in what probably sounds poetic and certainly mysterious. “I was told by great healers and psychics that I would heal people.”

A few months after he dropped out of the psychology programme, following the realisation that the purpose of his life is to heal others, he had an opportunity to speak at a True Story Tent event. Growing in popularity in Oman and the Middle East, these gatherings are a platform for people to share and listen to personal stories. “I spoke about not being afraid, about overcoming my fears and living my truth – that I am a psychic healer.” It became clear in this gathering that there are many people who need the help he can offer.

Offering healing and readings rather than predictions, Abdul Salam tells his clients “not what they want to hear but the truth, for the truth will transform you,” helping them unlock their true potential by instilling confidence in themselves. “I work on the belief system, which is like a software that can be changed by tweaking the coding. You don’t have to see to believe, and believing in yourself is half the battle won. Life has a lot to offer everybody.”

Ascribing his healing powers to intuition, he says, “It’s like a muscle. The more you trust your intuition, the more you build it. Intuition will never let you down.”

A senior specialist in the billing and collections department of a telecom firm, many of Abdul Salam’s own family members aren’t aware of his alter ego. “They think I’m a life coach,” he says.

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