133 theft cases registered against juveniles in 2016

October 11, 2017

The Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) recorded 445 juvenile delinquency cases in various parts of sultanate in 2016, said Bassam al Hajari, a social observer at the Department of Juvenile Affairs.

While the maximum offences registered were of thefts, others included abuse and traffic violations. “The most juvenile cases registered were thefts (133), followed by abuse (86) and violation of traffic law (43),” said Hajari.

He added that North Batinah recorded the maximum number of cases against juveniles. “The maximum number of cases was registered in North Batinah (137) followed by Muscat (68), Dakhliyah (53), South Sharqiyah (47), North Sharqiyah (38), Dhahirah (34), South Batinah (26), Dhofar (24), Buraimi (12) and Musandam (6).”

Hajari, adding that the ministry is spreading legal awareness too among society, employing sports activities and inculcating religious values to get juvenile offenders on track. Providing a secure and economically sound family too are key he said. Hajari said that the ministry is working to curb juvenile delinquency cases with awareness drives and training programmes.

“MoSD provides all social and psychological care services for offenders and ensures they are integrated back into the society. They are also provided training in professional crafts, mechanical, electrical and other works.”

Most of the offences were registered against boys. “Maximum number of juvenile offences were committed by boys (414) as against girls (31). Offenders were also mostly in the age category of 13 to 17 years old with 164 delinquency cases registered against 17 year olds,” said Hajari. Radio, television programmes, seminars and lectures are being held in cooperation with Omani women’s associations. The programmes focus on the importance of having a close-knit family. “Parents need to be educated on how to deal with adolescents,” added Hajari.