20 teams to participate in Suhar Hackathon on key technologies

January 10, 2019

Twenty teams will compete with each other at the Suhar Hackathon that begins from Thursday. These teams were selected from among 251 registered groups. 

The event is organised by Asyad, the end-to-end comprehensive logistics solutions provider in the Middle East, in cooperation with the Smart City Platform.

The three-day hackathon will discuss several key technologies including the importance of using and employing data, the implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in addition to the development of innovative solutions for the challenges facing Sohar in the field of logistics, tourism and environment.

“Our primary objective is to engage the community members, students, institutions, innovators and interested parties in the development of innovative solutions and ideas to overcome the challenges that logistics, tourism and environment sectors face today. We seek to enhance awareness about the government drive to create the knowledge-based economy and promote economic diversification in the sultanate,” said Ibrahim al Bakri, senior director of Human Capital at Asyad.

Bakri explained that the competition will contribute to the sultanate’s plans to develop human capital and prepare qualified Omani talents to deal with challenges and use available data in all three sectors to create innovative solutions.

The programme

Suhar Hackathon will run from January 10-12.

It is being hosted by the International Maritime College Oman and Mwasalat as a logistics partner.

The first day is an ideation day where the teams will select the best possible smart solution. The second day will be for implementing the required deliverables; and the third day will be an assessment and award day where teams’ solutions will be evaluated by jury members and top three winners will be awarded. The participants will be competing for awards worth RO4,500 offered by Asyad.

Dr Hafidh al Shehi, managing director of Smart City Platform, said, “The selection will be based on different criteria such as applicability of the idea, compatibility with the topics of the hackathon, knowledge and awareness of the area of study, etc.”

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