26 parking bays for Mwasalat buses

March 13, 2019

Muscat Municipality will set up 26 dedicated parking bays for Mwasalat buses between Ruwi and Ma’abela. 

“We will have dedicated parking bays across the city at different bus stops. These will be allocated spaces where the buses must stop to allow passengers to hop in and out of the bus. “A total of 26 such parking bays will be developed between Ruwi and Ma’abela at present,” a municipality official said.

The official said that Oman has beautiful roads and the public transport system has taken off well. “We have bus stops but no parking bays. Every country has parking bays at their bus stops. Once we have them it will be an advantage for the public who use the bus services. “The Oman Highway design manual will be kept in mind while designing these parking bays,” the official said.

He said that the Mwasalat buses which ply through the city are bigger in size than the traditional ONTC buses. “A lot of things are taken into consideration while allocating space for a bus. We have to keep in mind the speed limit of the adjacent road, the new low floor buses and the adjacent lane to the parking bay.

“We have a few bus parking bays which need to be redesigned to ensure that they follow existing traffic regulations and don’t hinder traffic movement.” Bay markings should be of sufficient length and width to fully accommodate the vehicles for which they are intended for.

“To create bays on the carriageway we will have to use colour contrasting surface in order to distinguish parking areas from the surrounding carriageway,” he said.