35 women trek, climb and swim to promote domestic tourism

January 06, 2019

An all-female group is promoting physical activity and domestic tourism by pushing its members to engage in hiking, mountain climbing and swimming. Thirty-five members of Mayzoon Hiking recently took part in a trekking expedition in the wilayat of Al Awabi in South Batinah governorate.

According to Samiya Sinan al Gahwari, founder and team leader, Mayzoon Hiking is the first all-woman team in the GCC to practise hiking, mountain climbing and swimming.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, she said, “The team was founded in July 2017. It is special as we have ladies only who like to participate in sports activities such as hiking, mountain climbing and swimming. The team aims to encourage women to practise these activities, in addition to camping, discovering new tourist attractions such as caves and highlighting the abilities and skills of Omani girls.”

The team also looks to promote domestic tourism and help sultanate to attract more tourists and support national economy, she said.
“During the expedition in Al Awabi, participating women walked for nearly 3km in the village enjoying the landscape,” Samiya said.

“The team plans well before embarking on any trip by choosing the spot and reading about it. We also dispatch some members of the team in advance to study the place, study weather conditions. Then we determine the number of team members who will engage in the expedition.”

She added, “We prepare our annual plan and announce about forthcoming activities quite early. In the near future we will have activities in Misfat al Abriyeen in Al Hamra, Wadi al Abyad in Nakhal, Sohar and Salalah. We will also engage in a 13km trek from Wadi Fanja to Wadi al Khoudh. Walking helps everyone find solutions to all their health-related issues and get rid of stress.”

She called on women to join their group in its next trip. “We seek to revitalise domestic tourism, show the tourist components of Oman. We also seek to attract mountaineers from across the world.”