Bank Sohar marks Eid with children at The Royal Hospital

July 10, 2017

As the entire nation celebrated Eid, Bank Sohar ensured that the day was made memorable for the country’s children by showering them with special presents and festive joy.

Thus, as part of its consistent corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, a team of volunteers from the bank took Eid gifts to the Childrens’ ward at The Royal Hospital where they distributed them to the children. This initiative comes as a core aspect of the bank’s social outreach drive under its CSR campaign Sohar al Atta.

Munira Abdulnabi Macki, GM of Human Resources & Corporate Support, Bank Sohar, said, “We are more than happy to celebrate Eid with children and to put a smile on their faces especially on such a special occasion. As a community-oriented bank that deeply cares for children, we wanted to ensure that those children in hospitals did not miss out on the opportunity to be part of Eid celebrations. The gesture is in line with our philosophy as a community-oriented financial institution, whose primary goal is reaching out to those in need to provide assistance as well as to enrich their lives and to give back to our society.”

Bank Sohar’s magnanimous gesture lit up the faces of children as each of them received their gifts. In reaching out to them on a very important occasion, the bank helped inject joy and festive fun into their lives.

“Bank Sohar has always been a community-oriented organisation. It is great to see that our aspirations as an organisation are shared by our valued staff. Furthermore, initiatives such as these provide a great opportunity for our staff to connect with the community and truly understand how rewarding charitable work can be. I would like to thank the members of our volunteer team for their contribution towards making this event a grand success and bringing joy to those admitted children,” added Munira.

The bank’s CSR initiatives have always been central to its operational strategy. In recognition of its contributions, Bank Sohar has received numerous accolades for its CSR efforts locally, regionally and internationally. The most recent of these awards was the ‘Golden Order of Merit in the field of CSR’ from the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility in the UAE. This award marks the fourth consecutive award that the bank has received from the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility for this category.