Beauty queen Piya to help women realise their dreams in fashion

April 14, 2019

After bagging La Femme Worldwide, a beauty pageant featuring women from all over the world under the category of Mrs International 2019 in Goa, Muscat resident Piya Pawani is all set to train girls and women in the industry of fashion.

Piya said, “Beneath every strong woman lies a little girl who never gave up on her dreams. I sincerely want to have more of an organised way of bringing al the models, designers and experts of the industry under one roof in Oman. Most women are sceptical to seek help in the fear of being judged or shamed. Beauty has no age.

“Real women empowerment is when women are confident enough to follow their own dreams. I want to help and support women in Oman, provide them a platform to enhance their self confidence and feeling of completeness as who they are.”

She said in 2020 she wants to host the same pageant in Oman and showcase the country’s talents as well as the beauty.

Piya thanked Manjiri Jamkhindikar, Dr Radhika Wagh and Prashant Solapurkar, industry experts for pushing her to participate in the contest.