Bounce, fly with these crazy rides at Muscat Festival

January 02, 2019

Amusement rides are one of the popular attractions of the Muscat Festival.

From carousel rides and inflatable slides for the little ones to the adrenaline rushing Air Flyer for the grown ups, amusement ride enthusiasts can be sure of having a gala time at the festival this time.

Amerat Park this time will host around 15 thrilling rides for both children and adults.

Mohammed Alharrasi, general manager of Azhar Jebal Alshoof Est that is responsible for setting up the rides in Amerat Park said, “We have nearly 15 rides both for children and adults. The cost of the rides ranges from 500bz to RO3.”

Alharrasi added, “Some of the rides that can be enjoyed at the Amerat Park this year are Top Dance, Giant Wheel, Air Flyer, Airflow inflatable slides and castle, clear colour inflatable roller ball on water, Crazy Frog, Battery Car, Crazy Fly, Dragon and Ringer.”

What to expect

Top Dance: Also called crazy wave or Miami ride, it moves in a reciprocating and rotary motion as the music plays. The up-and-down motion of the ride is what gives the people a high.

Air Flyer: This ride is a special attraction as it will take riders to new heights of fun! It is one of the tallest rides at the festival.

Giant Wheel: This ride will give its riders a bird’s eye view of the venue. Each of the gondola can accommodate up to four passengers. The over 80ft tall ride is also a sight to behold when lit up.

Airflow inflatable slides and castles: It is one of the most popular rides that offers children some bouncy fun. It has come back as it was a big hit with the children last year.

Clear colour inflatable roller ball on water: This easy to set up ride will surely offer an exciting and memorable experience! Try it to believe it.

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