Children narrate life struggles of their ancestors in a book

November 11, 2017

A book, named Stories of our Ancestors , was launched at the Oman Avenues Mall on Saturday.

The book is a compilation of winning essays and stories of Let’s Read Children’s Writing Competition conducted by Dar al Atta’a. Children aged between 9-18 years took part in the competition. Winners were chosen out of the 235 entries submitted by students from 34 schools.

Jane Jaffer, organiser of the competition, said, “The theme of this year’s competition involved researching and recording factual details about one of the student’s ancestors.”

She added, “The entries, written in either Arabic or English, were graded into three different age groups. The judges awarded points according to the following criteria: Detailed research and historical backdrop, character description and dramatisation of life story. Points were also given for the quality of writing, including vocabulary, grammar and presentation, and for providing photographs, and archival material.”

While some of the stories in the book narrate tales of war, poverty and separation, others have spoken about family issues and courage.

Every grandparent faced severe challenges and their hardships and patience are the subjects of the stories. All the stories are inspirational and remind the many heroic measures that the past generation took.

The book is priced at RO3.

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