Cybersecurity seminar on smartphone to be held in May

April 11, 2017

OmanAd - Seminars & Conference Division will be hosting a two-day Cybersecurity Seminar on Smartphone, SCADA Security, IIOT and Big Data by mid-May at the Sheraton Oman Hotel. The keynote speaker will be Jorge Sebastiao, the world renowned speaker in cybersecurity.

Mobile technology has come a long way in a relatively short span of time. We’ve moved to using powerful gadgets that are able to transmit, store data and connect to the Internet with a simple tap. The seminar will focus on devices which give increased Internet connectivity and convenience, yet are prone to greater security risks and growing threat of mobile-related cybercrime.

Mobile security is more important than ever before. Security risks are greater in the workplace, where smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used across all types of organisations. According to enterprise mobility and information security experts, restrictive measures are vital in the fight against cybercrime.

SCADA security is a topic of increasing concern for network operators. SCADA systems monitor and control mission-critical equipment and infrastructure. It is important to prevent the unauthorised interception of this data or the malicious injection of bogus or harmful traffic. Failure or security breaches of these systems could result in wide-reaching adverse impacts, not only for the organisation but also for the community and economy at-large that depends on their goods or services.

The seminar will also focus on SCADA systems that are increasing in complexity due to the integration of different components produced in many cases by different manufacturers. There must be a collective effort by all governments to produce a continuous report on the security status of critical infrastructures and related SCADA systems. The overall security will pass through a global collaboration and information sharing on the possible cyber threats and the vulnerabilities of every device that is qualified in the market.

The security component must become part of the project of the industrial system; it must be considered as a specific requirement. Overall security of critical infrastructures must be audited during the entire lifecycle of its components.

It is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world. To know more about the seminar and how you can manage and adapt to the ever-changing security landscape, the organisers invite all to be part of this exclusive Cybersecurity seminar. The organiser can be contacted at or through their website.

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