Dhahirah governor reviews date palm project

February 14, 2019

Sheikh Saif bin Humair al Malik al Shehi, Governor of Dhahirah, was briefed about Oman’s One Million Date Palm Trees project, set up as per the directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Sheikh Shehi listened to the presentation given by Dr Saif bin Rashid al Shaqsi, director general of the project, on Al Safa farm, which covers an area of 11sq km. An area of 640 hectares of which has been cultivated.

Shaqsi discussed the stages of the establishment of the farm, components of palm trees and modern irrigation methods used to irrigate them and the care they receive. He talked about the positive results achieved in palm growing in 11 farms of some of the governorates of the sultanate. Some of them have got date crops also. He also referred to the efforts made to establish companies to get benefit of palm derivatives and laboratories for studies and research.

Sheikh Shehi lauded the efforts made to implement the directives of His Majesty the Sultan regarding the project which has major economic and social value.

He said that the project was part of the framework of food security projects aimed at achieving self-sufficiency in many of the agricultural, animal and fishery products in the sultanate.

He pointed out that these projects have major role in enriching local communities and enhancing the added value of the palm.

“We saw the efforts made at the farm. This has filled our hearts with pleasure due to the wonderful level at which Al Safa farm was established to promote palm cultivation in the sultanate. The farm would support the palm-based industries, create work opportunities for Omanis and small and medium enterprises,” said Sheikh Shehi.