ESO’s frankincense research and conservation project concludes

February 12, 2018

The Environment Society of Oman (ESO) has presented findings from its Frankincense Research and Conservation initiative.

The research project, ‘Sustainable Harvesting of Frankincense Trees’, started in 2010, focusing on four experimental locations and monitoring 180 frankincense trees in Dhofar to determine the right frequency of tapping to producing a sustainable yield without adversely harming the trees, a press release stated.

Among the oldest internationally traded commercial tree products in Oman, where frankincense has been produced for millennia, the commodity remains an important part of local culture and a main source of income to hundreds of farmers and their families.

Frankincense trees are currently undergoing severe population decline due to overgrazing, insect infestation, and unsustainable harvesting methods.

The ESO project was launched to promote sustainable harvesting of frankincense trees, with sponsorship provided by HSBC Bank Oman.

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