Experts stress on communication in marriages to avoid trouble

September 20, 2017

A string of crimes by women against their spouses recently has got many experts thinking if violence in marital disputes is on the rise, an uncommon feature in Omani society. 

Apart from social media pressure and psychological issues many experts have stressed on premarital screening and communication in marriages.

In the past ten days, the ROP arrested three women for crimes against spouses in separate cases in Muscat, Sohar and Khabourah. Khaled Tabouk, a social researcher at the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) said that such cases are uncommon in Omani society. “It is important that couples trust each other and deal with issues with a calm mind. Relatives too can play an important part in resolving issues.”

In the first case in Muscat a woman threatened her husband on radio. She said, “I will cut him with a knife and burn him...Honestly, I do not trust anyone.” In the second incident in Sohar, a woman was arrested on charges of killing her husband and burying the body to destroy evidence. In the third case from Khabourah a woman reportedly burnt her husband alive by locking him up in a room. She then fled from the spot.

According to the ROP, the cause of all three murders was marital dispute. Dr Maha Aleani, deputy director of Student Counseling Centre at the Sultan Qaboos University said, “Such cases have been emerging in the Omani society due to a number of reasons. Couples end up in wrong relationships and then fail to adjust. In such cases men do not take any responsibility and women are left to fend for themselves.”

Dr Maha said in some cases men often resort to violence which leads to psychological stress among women. “Use of violence by men against women could create psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. This could force them to indulge in such criminal activities.” Media agencies too play an important part in triggering such criminal tendencies, she added. “One tends to imitate acts seen on the Internet.”

Marital discord cases happen in every society and the reasons could be many, said Sheikh Ibrahim Mohammed, Imam of a mosque. “From infidelity to incompatibility to neglect, the reasons could be many. Lack of spirituality too could be a reason. The only solution is, however, by getting couples to communicate with each other."

Dr Maha agrees, “It is important to make sure that both men and women make the right choices before getting married. “Couples should take the help of MoSD’s hotline service in case of trouble and sort their issues," said Dr Maha.