Failure to use indicators a traffic offence, says ROP

October 11, 2017

The law requires every driver to use their turn signal before moving right or left on a roadway. The law also requires that any signal of intention to turn right or left should be given in advance before turning, an ROP official has said.

The official warned motorists that failure to use vehicle indicators could invite a fine of RO15. “Using indicators to switch lanes or turn left or right is mandatory. A driver can be fined RO15 for failing to do so,” the official told Muscat Daily. The official emphasised the importance of adhering to traffic rules. “Turning into another lane suddenly without giving the other motorists any signal could be dangerous. It is also important that drivers use the signalling devices appropriately.”

Ali al Barwani, CEO Oman Road Safety Association (ORSA) thinks some people take traffic rules lightly. “Traffic sign is the language of the road that helps people communicate with each other. If they are well understood and complied with, dangers can be avoided,” he said.

“Turn signals and brake lights are the communication system of your vehicle that though require no particular skills to use, but timely and proper use could avert danger, especially when driving at high speeds,” Barwani said.

The responsibility also lies with the authorities who should not take these offences lightly. “Traffic offences need to be dealt with stricter punishments,” he added. There are many reasons why drivers do not use turn signals. While some do not think it to be significant enough, others don’t consider it an offence. “I don't use indicators too often. For example, I don't have to put on the turn signal when changing lanes as I use the rear view mirror to check for a vehicle,” said Fuad al Farsi, a private sector employee.

Amour al Tauqi said he thinks turn signals are important but is not sure whether not using them is an offence. “I drive daily and I see a lot of people who don’t use indicators. I am not sure if there is a fine for that. However, I believe they are important. We should make it a habit to use them while on the go. You never know what could happen.”

Cautioning motorists, the ROP official said that driving is an art that requires tact and decency. “By turning on the indicator when required you show respect to others drivers. Even a minor mistake could cost you a lot. For your own safety and the safety of others, slow down before you turn, and use the indicate properly,” the official said.