French explorer shares experiences of journey through Oman’s deserts

April 10, 2017

French explorer, Gauthier Toulemonde, has successfully completed his expedition through the Empty Quarter. Addressing a press conference at the Western Premier Hotel on Monday, Toulemonde shared his experiences of the journey that took him two months. 

The explorer has documented his experiences in a promotional film that will be screened and distributed during the media campaigns through which he plans to promote his travels and adventures. Toulemonde said he embarked on the journey to promote adventure tourism and Omani deserts and show people how man and nature and can live in tandem despite the tough challenges. “My aim was to know and feel deserts that people hardly want to venture into. I was in Oman two years ago with my family, and during my visits to various places such as Muscat, Bidiyah and Sharqiyah Sands, I decided to undertake a journey through a desert.”

This is not the first time, the adventure enthusiast has embarked on such challenging tours. He has been to tropical paradise of Indonesia, to the concrete jungle of Singapore and even to the wide expanse of the charming and historic Namibia. He plans to take off on another great adventure in Oman soon. Toulemonde was in regular touch with his followers through images and daily briefing that he used to publish through satellite communication networks. He said he used solar panels to charge batteries during his trip. “The weather was quite harsh though.”

The French explorer started his journey from Adam in Dakhliyah governorate and crossed the Empty Quarter and the Sharqiyah Sands.

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