Gulf College organises fourth Grand Extracurricular Activities event

January 15, 2018

A welcome break from the regular grind of studies, the annual Grand Extracurricular Activities event brings students from Gulf College together for a little friendly competition.

This year, the college held seven events sponsored by the Faculty of Foundation Studies (FFS) and hosted by all three faculties and the Centre for Learning Resources. All events were centred on the theme: ‘English: Moving beyond the classroom and toward globalisation’.

FFS brought students from all levels together for a speed typing contest as well as an essay writing contest to encourage students to hone their technology and English skills. The Faculty of Business Management Studies (FBMS) hosted the My Omani Sweets Competition, in which contestants made traditional Omani sweets and packaged it attractively. This activity intends to help students improve their business and marketing acumen.

FBMS also put on a poster making contest where participants were encouraged to engage with the theme of ‘globalisation’, again encouraging them to use their artistic skills to create attractive marketing. The Faculty of Computing Sciences (FCS) tested the technology prowess of GC’s tech-savvy students an Electronics Quiz Bee.
They also held a number of mini-events challenging participants to interact with multimedia. Lastly, the Centre for Learning Resources (CLR) hosted a book-finding competition where students gathered in the library to compete at finding and using library resources, a vital skill for academic career.

Students from all levels of the student body attended the events along with staff from the various faculties. After the judging for the events was completed, the Extracurricular Activities ended with a Culmination Programme, where students and staff joined the heads of the Faculties to receive prizes and certificates.

All winners, some of whom included students from Gulf College’s Special Needs programme, received medals and a lovely khunjar-shaped USB drive with the college logo on it. All students were also awarded a participation certificate from their head of Faculty to commemorate the event, while their teachers and staff mentors looked on.

The college is excited for next year’s events and proud of the students for what they have already accomplished.