Health campaign stresses on psychological well-being in life

February 21, 2017

A team of four experts from the field of mental health recently got together to launch a campaign titled, Ashanak (For you).

The launch was announced last month with the support of Oman Medical Association in the presence of H E Ali bin Khalfan al Jabri, Undersecretary in the Ministry of Information. One of the team members, Idris al Felati, a psychological researcher said the main aim of the first-of-its-kind initiative is not just to suggest preventive measures to improve coping strategies and resilience but also decrease the stigma surrounding the issue of mental health.

“The campaign will help people suffering from mental health issues identify and seek help for their problems without any inhibitions. With the help of workshops and short films we want to educate people about mental health and its importance in leading a healthy and balanced life,” said Felati.

Other members of the team are, Dr Aamal Ambusaidi, psychologist, Dr Muna al Shukaili, psychologist and Bushra al Busaidi, psychological researcher.

Elaborating on the importance of maintaining psychological balance in life, Felati said, “We’re in peace and balance when our social, emotional and psychological states are in harmony and we have found a life that fits our needs for social connections with others. Balance is achieved when we deal with tragedy and happiness in our lives, and authentically experience all the emotions open to us. A balanced person knows how to regulate these emotions.”

Felati said their target group is broad and cuts across age groups. “The campaign will continue for a year and we intend to conduct several workshops in different governorates to reach out to a wide group which includes, school and college students, youth, elderly, and professionals.”