Indian director’s short film shot in sultanate premieres

February 10, 2019

Indian director Akku Akbar’s first short film which had been shot in Oman was premiered in Muscat recently. It will be released in Oman in March. 

The movie is based on a short story titled I am the son of an expat written by Sainuddin Qureishi in 2011. The story has been adapted in various mediums including a broadcast on Asianet Radio. The Malayalam movie Kadalazham (Depth of the sea) portrays an expatriate explaining his life to his family members which is far disjointed from the reality. The story unfolds how the death of the protagonist reveals a bigger truth of the family and life in general.

Director Akbar said, “Ever since I read the story, the plot had been haunting me. It is a human interest story and the struggles of thousands of expatriates working abroad. Oman is the best hub for shooting owing to the diverse landscape.

“The cooperation we received from Muscat airport authorities, Muscat Municipality, and support of the Royal Oman Police cannot be forgotten.”

He said the challenge was telling the story of three expatriates in less than half an hour without losing the depth of feeling. The three characters in the story are portrayed by Vinod Manjeri, a stage and screen artiste, Kabeer Yousuf, a journalist, and Ashiq Rahman, a budding actor and a singer.

The film has been produced by Dhufaiyil Anthikkad.

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