Instagram TV takes content makers in Oman to newer creative pursuits

October 23, 2018

The recently introduced Instagram TV (IGTV) has taken content-makers in Oman to newer creative pursuits. While YouTube is slowly getting replaced by the new kid on the block, more bloggers in Oman are shifting to the upgraded version of the platform.

The IGTV, unlike its predecessor, now allows videos to be uploaded from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Instagram allows only one-minute videos.

Also, the IGTV will have a full display of the video in a vertical format that fits the smartphone screen completely. This is a remarkable development as one minute was a severe setback for bloggers and ad makers.

Sultan Khalfan, a seasoned filmmaker said, “In Oman most of the ad and promotions are through Instagram and FB. But Insta always had an edge. However the main challenge was the duration of video that Instagram allowed.

“Also the vertical mode offered by IGTV is more suitable. It is a different style of viewing but will be interesting indeed.”

Salma, a food blogger added that the challenge now lies in shooting. “We are used to shooting in 16:9 style or horizontal. This was done to fit the screen of our viewing. All screens are horizontal be it TV, cinema or mobile phones. IGTV will disturb the creators making style now because we now need to shoot in a totally different size and composition. It will take time to pick up.”

Sami Sarang, another blogger and short filmmaker added, “When IGTV was launched in June, it signalled new competition for Google’s YouTube.

“But until it adds revenue-sharing or other monetisation opportunities for creators, IGTV won’t really be a competitive platform. IGTV is re-imagining mobile video in a vertical format featuring longer videos. I think IGTV is entertainment for the next generation.”

Sarang added that IGTV will now make a big change in content consumption market and though it will be fun there remains challenges for creators as the total filmmaking grammar including rule of thirds and centre-frame needs to be reworked.