JAC Motors light-duty trucks displayed across Muscat

April 30, 2017

: The three and four tonne light-duty trucks from JAC Motors, the number one commercial vehicle brand in China, are on display in different locations across Muscat.

The display spots are Ghala water tanker area, Ma’abela water tanker area, Mawaleh fruits and vegetable market and Mawaleh water tanker area.

The JAC light-duty trucks display is arranged so that customers receive information on a wide scale, with an added advantage of a 360-degree view at typical location spots where trucks are meant to be. A dedicated team will be present to answer questions and clarify doubts regarding the vehicles.

JAC trucks are a great combination of quality and value, thanks to their superior technologies and advanced products R&D system. A powerful and reliable workhorse for several small and medium businesses, they have indeed changed the image of China-made vehicles and added to their growing international repute. JAC light-duty trucks are winning more and more customer trust and favour worldwide.

A senior spokesperson from Towell Auto Centre (TAC), the exclusive distributor of JAC vehicles in Oman, said, “JAC light-duty truck is based on the company’s belief that ‘quality creates brand and quality is prior to scale’. The three tonne JAC trucks have won the customers’ admiration for their outstanding quality and superior performance. JAC four tonne trucks offer reliable transportation and enhance the productivity of your business. It is worth mentioning here that JAC Motors has kept the best China light-duty trucks exporting position for 14 consecutive years.”

JAC light-duty trucks offer a powerful combination of efficiency, capability and reliability that is suitable to meet varying business needs and are a complete value for money. The four tonne trucks are powered by world-class independent technology diesel engines that give impressive fuel efficiency, environmental performance and ultimate safety. They are equipped with water tanks, refrigerated storage, strong load capacity and many other features that make them an ideal vehicle for different business types. People in the fruits and vegetable sector, construction and transportation and farming industry are particularly appreciative of the truck’s performance, sturdiness and durability.

The senior spokesperson added, “For the kind of performance they give, JAC trucks are highly reasonable and being fuel efficient, they help promote businesses. They have been developed after many years of R&D based on advanced European and Asian platform technologies. Low oil consumption, low usage cost, smart pricing, solidity and durability are the other benefits of JAC trucks.”

In Oman, TAC is the sole distributor of JAC light-duty trucks. With a network of 11 showrooms, 13 service outlets and ten parts outlets, it is a leading automobile distributor in the region.