Marked decrease in traffic accidents and resulting injuries, deaths, says ROP

October 18, 2017

While celebrating the Traffic Safety Day, the ROP announced on Wednesday that traffic accidents, resulting injuries and deaths have decreased considerably compared to 2012.

traffic accidents 2

Brig Gen Mohammed bin Awadh al Rawas, director general of traffic at ROP said, “The traffic statistics until October 9 indicate a decrease in the incidence of traffic accidents by 72 per cent, deaths by 50 per cent and injuries by 24 per cent compared to 2012 figures.”

He added, “The ROP has opened 33 departments and centres to provide services. Those centres handled 2,679,013 cases and renewed 1,425,581 driving licences. They also carried out technical inspections on 762,045 vehicles during the last year.”

ROP has renewed 47,000 vehicle registrations through its electronic application until the end of August.

“ROP's traffic awareness convoy has made 82,499 appearances at various events in the sultanate since its launch,” he said.

“The social media pages of the Directorate General of Traffic are highly popular and havee more than 500,000 followers,” he said.

Cooperation among the members of society is the only way to reduce road accidents and the ROP is continuing its efforts to achieve positive results in the field of traffic safety, Brig Gen Rawas said.

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