MoAF develops 41 vehicles for mobile fish vendors

December 03, 2018

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF) is converting pick-ups to make 41 vehicles for mobile fish vendors in several wilayats of the sultanate.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, ِEng Yahya bin Khalfan al Hadidi, project manager and director of the Department of Fish Market Regulation, said, “The project includes development of 41 vehicles for fish vendors from various parts of the sultanate. Old cars don’t have automatic cooling system. These pick-ups weigh less than three tonnes.”

According to Eng Hadidi, the project started earlier this year. “We have completed making 32 vehicles and will finish the remaining before the end of this year. MoAF is bearing all the costs involved in developing these fish vending vehicles.

“We launched this project because there are a large number of pick-ups transporting fish at high temperature, especially in the summer months. Transporting fish in old cars affects the quality of the fish and reduces the returns for the vendors,” Eng Hadidi said.

Talking about the objectives of the project, he said it aims to support and encourage fish vendors to maintain the quality of fish and boost their income, while raising awareness of the use of refrigeration devices when transporting fish.

Speaking of the challenges in completion of the project, Eng Hadidi said, “We wanted to do it in 2017. We visited various wilayats and met fishermen and fisheries department officials in those places to know their opinion on the vehicles. Initially, most vendors rejected the idea as most of them use their cars for many other purposes besides selling fish while the new converted pick-ups can be used only to sell fish.”

He urged all mobile fish vendors to participate in the project and develop their vehicles to maintain fish quality and in turn increase their income.