MoM launches new system for automatic updates on Omanisation in establishments

December 06, 2018

The Ministry of Manpower (MoM) has launched the updated version of its licensing service for automatic updates on Omanisation in firms.

The new system provides indicators of Omanisation rates electronically. It has a colour coding system – green for achieving the target, yellow for meeting the target halfway and red for not meeting the target at all. Khawla bint Ghadir al Janibiya, director of the project for developing the work permit system at MoM, said, “The new system will help to improve Omanisation rates in private sector establishments. This will be achieved by ensuring the maximum and minimum rate of Omanisation in different economic activity categories.”

She said that the new system shows Omanisation rate when applications for work permits are submitted by establishments. “If Omanisation rate of a firm is ‘green’, then it has achieved the target. The request will be transferred directly to the stage of automatic accreditation.

“If it is ‘yellow’, the firm’s Omanisation rate lies somewhere in between. The application of the establishment will then be transferred to the Omanisation Section for approval and thereafter to the Licensing Department for review. The decision for approval or rejection or request for an update of the application will then be taken up accordingly.”

Khawla said that if the Omanisation rate is ‘red’, ‘this means that the establishment had not achieved the minimum Omanisation rate’. “In such a scenario, the establishment will be shut down. It can be reopened only after it achieves Omanisation rate of ‘green’ or ‘yellow’.”

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