MoT completes renovation work of Muttrah Fort

July 04, 2017

The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has completed the renovation of Muttrah Fort, but it is yet to decide when to open it for public. Saif Khamis al Rawahi, director of Historical Sites Development, MoT said, “Development work at the Muttrah Fort has already been accomplished.

It will open to the public once the date is decided. This will be the first time that the fort will be open to public. It is situated in a hilly area and gives a perfect view of the city, corniche and Port Sultan Qaboos.”

He said that the Ministry of Heritage and Culture has handed over a total of 54 forts and castles across Oman to MoT. “The idea is to transform these forts and castles into tourist hotspots. Development will be done in a manner that each of these buildings display everything not just about that castle or fort, but the wilayat and generally the governorate.”

“Each fort and castle will be a different experience for tourists. We want tourists to know more about the Omani heritage and culture. It takes time to properly explore a country or a tourist site. People come for short stays. The tour of these forts and castles will give tourists a virtual tour of the governorate.”

He said that there are also plans to build toilets and gift shops at each site. “MoT is working closely with Omani women’s associations and local communities to redevelop these forts and castles. Citizens from local communities can give us more information about the place and the fort and what it was in the past,” he said.