Municipality installing underground sensor-enabled bins in Qurm, Al Sarooj

March 15, 2017

Aiming for a cost-effective and time-saving solution in garbage collection, the Muscat Municipality is installing a sensor-equipped underground waste management system.

Qais bin Suleiman al Qashri, Director of Health Administration, Muscat Municipality said these sensor-equipped bins will alert the municipality staff when they hit capacity. “We have awarded the contract to a company which is installing sensor-equipped underground bins in Qurm and Al Sarooj. These bins will be linked to the municipality staff’s mobile phones through an app and alert them when the bins are full.”

Qashri said that each underground waste system will have up to four bins. “The sensors will send notifications regarding the quantity of waste in each bin to the mobile phones of the municipality’s garbage collectors and to the computer in the municipality office. Notification will also appear on a screen installed in the waste collection truck. This will help our staff know when and which waste bin needs to be cleared. The software will also draw a route to all the bins that need to be serviced.”

Qashri said the software besides reducing the workload of the municipality staff will also reduce CO2 emissions.

“Our daily work will be reduced by 80 per cent. Currently, we clear 300 bins in these two locations every day.”