Municipality invites proposals for Muscat Festival 2019

September 12, 2018

In its efforts to engage the private sector in Muscat Festival 2019, Muscat Municipality has invited companies and institutions interested in participating in the annual event to submit their applications explaining their ideas and plans to the organisers in its office in Darsait.

To help interested businesses, Muscat Municipality issued a set of general guidelines for applications. It stated that the events offered at the festival must be new and interesting, and applicants must be committed to implementing the proposed event on the site determined by Muscat Municipality during the festival period from January 10 to February 9, 2019. The events will start at 4pm and continue till 11pm on weekdays and 12pm on weekends.

Applicants should determine the area at the festival venue where their proposed event will be offered and the expected returns at the end of the festival; ten per cent of entry ticket fees companies charge will go to the Muscat Municipality. 

It will also consider investors’ requests to continue their event at the festival site for more than one season of the festival.

Applications should be self-explanatory and include CDs, brochures, photographs and illustrations about the proposal, in addition to a detailed statement of the company’s financial obligations and investment. Applicants must also be willing to give a visual presentation of their proposal on request of the festival’s organising committee.

Muscat Municipality will provide logistical support and advertising during the period of the festival. All proposals are subject to evaluation by the municipality and subject to acceptance or rejection by the organising committee without stating reasons for the same.

Offers should not include electrical, electronic or air games, nor trade and marketing fairs. Applicants must provide proof of intellectual property rights with the proposal documents. Applications should be submitted in Arabic or English to the Muscat Festival Administration office on the ground floor of the Muscat Municipality headquarters in Darsait no later than October 1, 1pm. For more details, those interested can call 24861156/24861151.