Municipality revises slaughterhouse fees

May 13, 2019

Muscat Municipality has increased service fees at its central slaughterhouse. H E Eng Mohsin bin Mohammed bin Ali al Shaikh, Chairman of Muscat Municipality, issued the decision (96/2019) in this regard.

Article 1 states that fees for slaughtering at the central slaughterhouse will be RO5 for camels, RO3 for cows and RO2 for goats and sheep.

The decision includes 200bz for veterinary examination of cattle before it enters the slaughterhouse and RO3 per day fee for livestock sales vehicle at the slaughterhouse.

Earlier, the slaughtering fees were RO4 for camels, RO2 for cows and RO1 for goats and sheep.

The decision was issued on May 9 and came into effect the next day.