Muscat Municipality, NRAA discuss document management system

October 30, 2017

H E Mohsen bin Mohammed al Sheikh, chairman of Muscat Municipality, met Dr Hamad bin Mohammed al Dhoyani, chairman of National Records and Archive Authority (NRAA) recently. The meeting was held to establish a modern system for managing documents.

The meeting included the presentation of the National Records and Archives Law promulgated by the Royal Decree 60/2007, in addition to the stages of the project of preparing the document management system for the municipality.

The presentation touched on the preparation of an index of file types and contents of documents for all private divisions in the municipality in the first stage, assigning classification codes for files in the second stage, and finally determining the extent of file preservation and age value.

The technical specifications related to document storage stores include the safety and security of documents from loss and damage, with reference to legal procedures in the process of destruction of documents and disposal mechanism.

The second presentation included an explanation on electronic documents and document management systems, which are implemented by NRAA in a number of government agencies.

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