Muscat Municipality installs gym equipment on beaches in Qurm, Azaiba and Ghubra

January 08, 2019

In a first in the country, Muscat Municipality has installed gym equipment on beaches across the city to motivate the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

Those interested, can visit the beaches in Azaiba, Qurm and Ghubra, a Muscat Municipality official said. “The outdoor gym facility has been introduced in four places. At Qurm, we have installed these free-to-use exercise equipment in two locations.”

Around five equipment have been installed in each location, the official said. “The instructions on how to use it and how it will benefit are mentioned on the equipment itself.”

The equipment installed include cross-trainers, bikes, lat pull-down machines or pull-up bars, shoulder machines, benches or oblique machines, leg press machine amongst others. The equipment like cross-trainers or bikes have been introduced as it gives joints and muscles a gentle warm-up and help them get ready for the workout ahead. Cardiovascular exercise is important to ensure heart health, weight-management amongst others.

The shoulder machines are for working on the upper torso and are a great way to build strength in the chest, shoulder and triceps muscles.

The lat (latissimi dorsi) are the muscles to the outside of your shoulder blades on your upper back. Using either the machine or the pull-up bars will not only strengthen your lats, but will also give you a good bicep workout. The benches or oblique machines target the core by challenging the mid section. A few sessions on these and it should build a solid set of abdominal muscles which is not only going to help a person look good, but will protect his/her back and improve posture. Leg press machine work not only on the quads (the muscles at the front of your thigh) but also the glutes and hamstrings (the muscles at the back of the legs and top of the bottom) and so is excellent for toning the lower body.

The official said, “These equipment are a boost to the healthy habits. We have not found the equipment free at any time since installation. So you can have a high carb diet near the beach and also burn it there and go home.”

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