Mwasalat taxi service provides more than 100,000 trips in first six months of 2018

July 11, 2018

Mwasalat said on Tuesday that its taxi service provided more than 100,000 trips from January 1 to June 30 this year.

It said that the average daily trips crossed more than 600 and the number of registered mobile app users was 30,000.

The total number of ‘on call’ trips reached 21,727 while users from commercial centres were 13,965. The number of users for its airport service reached 73,367 since it was launched on March 20. “These figures are promising and reflect the quality of service as a result of the continuous efforts exerted by the company. Our aim is to improve the quality of public transport in Oman which is witnessing steady growth as a result of plans to develop the sector,” Mwasalat said.

Mwasalat box

It said that around 300 taxis have registered to become part of the service. “The number is increasing as more Omani citizens are joining our taxi service because of the facilities offered by us. These include the installation of technical system and the meter for free, training drivers on the use of smart programmes as well as additional training in safe driving and how to serve customers.”

Mwasalat said that drivers are also offered competitive rates when replacing their vehicles, free health insurance, participation in the social insurance system according to the regulations and 50 per cent of the net profit from advertisements on their taxis. The first phase of Mwasalat taxi service was launched on December 12, 2017 at commercial centres and ‘on call’ in the Governorate of Muscat only. The airport service was launched on March 20 this year.

All app users can access the taxi service round the clock. It enables the user to know about the vehicle, the driver’s name and time it will take to reach him. The application can be downloaded from Google Play.

“We are very grateful to our customers and call on everyone to experience the service. You can give your feedback too on how to improve the quality of transportation sector in Oman,” a statement from the company read.