Nostalgia, patriotism run high at 1975 batch school reunion meet

November 14, 2017

After 40 years, a group of students of the Hassan Ibn Thabit Primary School in Muscat on Monday took a trip down memory lane to forge lost bonds and revitalise their patriotism. Feelings of nostalgia, excitement reigned supreme at the meet, however.

The alumni meet was held at the Crystal Ballroom of Grand Millennium Muscat. According to Talib Khamis al Wahaibi, chairman, Oman Hockey Association and an alumnus of the school, the idea was floated by a friend on Facebook and it was welcomed hands down. “We had not met each other for more than 40 years and this was the opportunity for us to catch up on all the time lost and strengthen our friendship,” said Wahaibi.


“We have even formed a WhatsApp group, called Students of Hassan Ibn Thabit 1975.” The reunion was also an occasion to show allegiance to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and the country.

“We chose this time for the meeting so that we could also celebrate the 47th National Day and show our love to His Majesty the Sultan. We have now decided to meet every six months so that our ties are deepened further,” said Wahaibi.

Mahfouz bin Hamdan al Farsi, who works with the Diwan of Royal Court, said, “This was the perfect opportunity to relive our childhood. We had around 110 people at the meet. I hope such meetings continue.”


Grateful for those who took the initiative, Ahmed Mubarak, who is a businessman said the group now plans to organise volunteer activities. “I hope this group goes beyond a get together to being useful to the society.”

For many like Baqir Mohsin Abdul Latif, the event was one of nostalgia and a time to contemplate on how the times have changed and so have relationships. “We spoke on a number of topics, from education in the 1970s to the modern developments in society today. Education today is highly dependent on smart learning techniques and the Internet. In the past, students had to research and come up with ideas of their own.”


Besides learning techniques the difference is also there in student-teacher relationship, said Latif. “A teacher-student relationship back in our times was very strong. I think it is difficult to get that era back.”

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