Nutrition and Dietetics in Practice workshop held at SQU

April 29, 2017

The Department of Food Science & Nutrition at the College of Agricultural & Marine Sciences at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), in association with Oman Medical Specialty Board, and Petroleum Development Oman organised a workshop on 'Nutrition and Dietetics in Practice' at SQU.

The workshop was opened under the patronage of Dr Ali al Maktumi, assistant dean for Postgraduate Studies & Research, College of Agricultural & Marine Sciences. As many as 100 nutritionists and dieticians from the Ministry of Health and Nutrition students from SQU attended the workshop to improve their job performance, gain insight into specialised areas of food and nutrition and network with colleagues.

The workshop sessions were led by Dr Lyutha al Subhi, faculty in the Department of Food Science & Nutrition at SQU, Yousra al Kindi, clinical dietitian at PDO Medical Centre, and Farhat al Naabi, diet technician at SQU. Dr Ahmed al Alawi, head of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at SQU, said that the workshop provides an opportunity for students and graduates to learn how to apply their knowledge in the subject for the benefit of the community.

Nutrition and Dietetics in Practice workshop held at SQU2

Dr Lyutha, the organiser of the workshop, said that the event was aimed to enhance the knowledge of individuals majoring in nutrition at SQU. She said, “It also targetted earlier graduates who are seeking employment. In this approach, the workshop empowered active students with critical skills in the field. In addition, it refreshed and enhanced their skills to keep them linked with the most recent approach in nutrition and dietetics care. The objectives of the workshop were to empower individuals specialised or specialising in nutrition with critical skills in the field by providing a real file perspective of the nature of nutrition and dietetics in in the Omani context of practice and developing critical thinking and mindfulness in the field.”

The workshop extended from 8am to 4pm and it included a number of topics presented along with hands-on activities. Yousra led sessions on counselling and communication, cultural and social aspects of diet counselling, nutrition assessment and diet history, diet management in non-communicable diseases, meal planning and community activities. The workshop was accompanied by a small exhibition shedding light on eating healthy and exercising. The workshop was targetting 80 participants, and 102 persons attended. The attendees included, junior and senior students from SQU, earlier graduates of SQU and both employed and non-employed persons. In addition, students from Al Sharqiya University also attended the workshop.