OCCI award to encourage writers on economic matters

February 10, 2019

The Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) on Sunday announced the Economic Pen Award. It aims to encourage society to take care and follow up economic issues and raise awareness about the importance of writing, documenting or monitoring, through the introduction of ideas and practical process to raise awareness of the community.

It also encourages continuous communication between OCCI and the media. Ahmed bin Abdul Karim al Houti, head of the Award Committee, said that the award is considered one of the initiatives of OCCI Board of Directors for the current session (2018-22), mainly concerned with supporting the economic work in all its means and specialties.

He added that OCCI aims to increase the knowledge and economic content, to encourage specialised writers in economy issues, in addition to encourage writers and social media activists to write on the economic field.

Houti said that the award aims to raise public awareness of the economic concepts and developments in the economic and commercial field and help the new generation of economic writers in the field of documentation.

It also aims to encourage writers and social media activists to continue writing, documenting and enriching the society with latest developments in the economic field, providing a platform to highlight their skills and creative abilities, as well as presenting ideas representing the private sector aimed at legislators.

The award includes three categories - Best audiovisual content, Best e-economic article and Best economic article (hard copy).