Octal shows environmental stewardship initiatives at MECA exhibition

January 10, 2018

Octal marked the 2018 Omani Environment Day by participating in an exhibition organised by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs at the Sultan Qaboos Youth, Culture and Entertainment Compound in Salalah.

Calling for ‘A clean and sustainable environment’, Octal joined hands with the Ministry to raise awareness on environmental best practices for a cleaner and more sustainable Oman.

Ahmed al Najjar, director of Government Affairs at Octal, said, “We would like to thank the Directorate of Environment & Climate Affairs for their efforts in organising this exhibition. It serves as a vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. We are proud to showcase Octal’s suite of PET packaging solutions during the exhibition. We want to highlight how energy-efficient production methods and green practices translate into fully recyclable environment-friendly products, while ensuring responsible stewardship of natural resource.”

Committed to ethical conduct and social responsibility and believing that the purpose of business is to create a better world, Octal drives the development of sustainable packaging materials worldwide. In doing so, it sets international standards in environmental stewardship and innovation through the application of pioneering patented green technology, enjoying as a result the lowest carbon footprint in the PET industry. The company has taken the environmental profile of PET a step further by reinventing the rigid plastic manufacturing process, saving considerable energy and generating less waste in the process. Octal also works closely with its customers to make their products more sustainable and to reduce their environmental impact.

Oman-based Octal has emerged as the largest PET sheet producer and integrated packaging company in the world. Operating from the Salalah Free Zone, the company has successfully harnessed its strategic location with access to East-West shipping lanes and favourable trading regulations coupled with its unique-to-the-world manufacturing capabilities.

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