Oman Golf Committee signs agreement with Golf World to boost game

April 02, 2017

The Oman Golf Committee has signed a preferred supplier agreement with the local Omani sports retailer Golf World to become the Oman Golf Committee’s preferred supplier for golfing events and to equip the Oman National team. The agreement comes as part of the committee’s drive to establish strong relationships that support the growing popularity of the sport in the sultanate.

Vice chairman of the Oman Golf Committee, Ahmed al Jhdhamy, said, “2017 is an exciting year for golf in Oman and this is one of many partnerships we plan to enter into. With the support of Golf World and our recently appointed National team manager Steven Troupe, we can be assured that our National team is fully equipped and prepared for the upcoming regional and international tournaments we participate in.”

Commenting on the agreement, Golf World’s general manager, Leon Sassen, said, “We’re excited about this new relationship between Golf World and the Oman Golf Committee, as we both have the shared vision to grow the game of golf in Oman. I have been in the Golf industry in Oman for almost nine years now and I feel this is a great move forward and I am very positive about the future ahead for Golf in Oman.”

First opened in 2011 in Shatti al Qurm, Golf World is a local Omani company and the sultanate’s first dedicated retail outlet for golfing enthusiasts. Golf World has since moved to Ghala Golf Club where it operates the Pro Shop.

The Oman Golf Committee’s mission, with the support of the Ministry of Sports Affairs and corporate partner Oman LNG, is working to raise awareness and participation levels for golf in Oman to give golfers of all ages the opportunity to play the sport.

The committee aims to create an environment that allows beginners to learn and serious golfers to strive to the top. It is working to raise the standard of golf in Oman and produce a national team capable of competing in international events like the Olympic Games and the World Cup of Golf.

The Oman Golf Committee was established by the Ministry of Sports Affairs on January 14, 2009, and is responsible for managing all technical, management, financial and organisational aspects of golf as a sport and its implementation in the sultanate or abroad after coordination with the ministry.